Yesterday’s bread was so nice, finally I had managed to make a beautiful and good bread. So today I tried again and making sure that I would let the bread rest even a bit longer. I wanted to actually make a ring shape but it raised so much that it almost closed the center 🙂 … Continue reading “Bread”

Crusty bread

Bread is not really my strength actually. But I won’t give up of course. This time I tried a recipe of ayose that you can find on his Instagram What do you need? 250g of flour (standard) 250g of flour T300 340g of lukewarm water 6g of fresh yeast 10g of salt 1 spoon of … Continue reading “Crusty bread”

Beetroot curry

I inspired myself from an Indian food cookbook I have but had to change a few ingredients as I didn’t have everything. The issue with these type of cuisine is that you need many different spices and if you didn’t check before starting, you end up missing quite a few 😊 It was actually very … Continue reading “Beetroot curry”

Stuffed cabbage leaves

Stuffed cabbage or ‘Choux farcis’ inx French are just a delicious way of eating cabbage. This can be adapted in many ways with the stuffing that you prepare. Ingredients: 1 green cabbage 250g of minced meat (beef & pork) – It can be replaced with chicken, I’ve done actually both filling that day 2 carrots … Continue reading “Stuffed cabbage leaves”


100g of strong flour 100g of normal flour 100ml of boiling water 1 tbsp of seasme oil 1 pinch of salt 150g of turkey or chicken 4 mushrooms Fresh parsely 1 garlic clove 2 shallots 10g of ginger salt, black pepper, cilandro 1 tbsp of soja 1 tbsp of sesame oil 1 tbsp of fish … Continue reading “Gyozas”

My new 'baby': Thermomix

I was telling you the other day that something new was coming to my kitchen and here it is: Thermomix. I’ve hesitated a lot and i managed to get it by signing up with Thermomix to make some show cooking. As I love to cook and share, well I’m now available for people around Barcelona … Continue reading “My new 'baby': Thermomix”

Long break but back

It’s been a long time since I didn’t post any recipe. I didn’t stop cooking obviously as I like it too much, didn’t buy any ready meals neither thank god. But I just thought I’ll step back to think on how this blog could evolve or if I should just use instagram or facebook page instead. Well, … Continue reading “Long break but back”

Oven vegetables provencal

It’s Monday. It’s a public holiday and I didn’t have much in the fridge. So I made some potatoes and courgettes in the oven with some provence herbs and a quick tomatoes sauce to eat with so that it isn’t too dry.

Rice Pilaf with dried tomatoes

A simple but delicious rice to eat with a fish or meat as we did today. As I didn’t have long grain rice, I did it with basmati rice which was as delicious.

Kale & chicken wok

You can never be wrong with a wok. And you can almost throw anything good inside to make a lovely meal, the important things is to decide if you want the vegetables to be a bit crunchy or well done and the spices you want to use for the taste. If you don’t have a … Continue reading “Kale & chicken wok”

Purple carrots hummus

I’ve been talking about the purple carrots with my friend at work Ikker for a long time, and one day on my desk I found a bag with these beauties 🙂 He finds them in his local market and was kind enough to get them for me. It’s not that easy to find them in … Continue reading “Purple carrots hummus”

Veggie Millefeuille

Coming back from the gym I wanted to cook something with vegetables that I had in the fridge, and wanted to use the brick pastry that I had bought recently. It’s a mix of flavours but I liked it and thought it was different for a nice lunch. This can be prepared for your Valentine’s … Continue reading “Veggie Millefeuille”


It’s been a long time I wanted to try to bake a Brioche. There’s nothing better for breakfast than a fresh brioche, prepared with butter obviously. There’s so many recipes out there that I thought I would inspire myself from the recipe of  Mimi Thorisson from her latest book “French Country Cooking”. I have made … Continue reading “Brioche”

SMaPi Green Juice

I can’t stop using my slow juicer machine. Usually when I buy one of these kitchen tool or toy, I use it at the beginning and then not so much. But I must say that so far I’ve been using it pretty well. An other delicious green juice, which at starts might make you hesitate … Continue reading “SMaPi Green Juice”

Squid in its ink croquettes

Next to my house there is a small bar where I had croquettes of squid in its ink. Delicious, really loved it. So I tried to do the same. It was very good but I still didn’t find the trick that she put in her own croquettes as the taste was still a bit different.


I had some long slice of bread that were perfect for Bruschetta so I decided to do some apetizer to eat with my favourite Vermuth.


It would have not won the beauty price but it was lovely and we still enjoyed it a lot 🙂 And as I didn’t take note of the recipe then I have nothing to share just than impressions and photos. I think I didn’t dry off the chickpeas sufficiently as it didn’t keep the shape … Continue reading “Falafel”

Juice 'Light of Dusk'

An other Sunday morning perfect juice to start the day. This time only fruits. It’s always a pleasure to start the day with a fresh juice and especially when it’s made by yourself. We don’t always take the time to prepare juices, but it’s much better than the one you can buy in the supermarket … Continue reading “Juice 'Light of Dusk'”

Carrot Risotto & Kid (baby goat)

I still had some baby goat that our friend brought us and thought i’ll cook it with wine and carrots and use the broth and carrots to then do a risotto. Everything together was delicious.

Raspberry sablé

I love raspberries and try to have some in my freezer all the time. Though they are so delicate that I’m never sure how to honor them and what to do with them, so I keep … 🙂 But this time I thought, let’s try to make a sablé, which is very easy and I remembered … Continue reading “Raspberry sablé”


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