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Tonight and after a week of vacation in Gran Canaria and a lovely wedding, it was my time back in the kitchen. And we wanted a few tapas so why not do it at home. After all pay day is at the end of the week so no restaurant for tonight and even less during week days 🙂

I just did 3 simple tapas and a small salad

#1: Mini hamburger, goat cheese and courgette on a toast of cereals bread

#2: Ham & mushrooms on a toast of cereals bread

#3: Gambas, calamar, mushroom and courgette

#4: Tuna and dry fruits salad

What do you need:

  • Half a courgette
  • 2 big mushrooms
  • 4 fresh gambas
  • A few rings of fresh calamar
  • Garlic
  • Salt, pepper, parsley, herbs of provence
  • Ham
  • Salad
  • Green olives
  • Parmesan
  • Dry fruits
  • Tuna

Cut 4 thick slices of courgette, clean and cut the 2 mushrooms in 4. Fry the mushroom and courgette with garlic in olive oil. Make sure it doesn’t get burn and it’s better to cook not too much for it to stay slightly crunchy.

In 2 pans, start frying the gambas and calamar in olive oil with garlic. Add some salt (I put the sepia ink salk from Minorca) and pepper. In the other frying pan, fry the 2 mini hamburger making sure you’ve done a small hall in the middle with your thumb, but without passing through. Once fried on both side, add the goat cheese in the ‘hole’

Once everything is ready and cooked, it’s time to dress.

On a thin cereals bread, dispose the hamburger with goat cheese, a slice of courgette and you can add a piece of mushroom

On the other thin cereals bread, dispose the ham and mushroom that you can assemble with a wood stick

Finally with a longer wood stick, put a gamba, calamar, mushroom, gamba, calamar, mushroom and courgette. You could also dispose it on a slice of bread with some ajoaceite. which is delicious.

tapas - 4 tapas - 3tapas - 5


Author: GregousFood

French boy living in Spain and passionate about cooking and eating good food.

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