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Patatas arrugadas

First of all I love Canarias, I try to go at least 1 week every year in Gran Canarias to spend some time under the sun and to the beach.

Then I love patatas arrugadas o papas arrugadas as they would say there.

Very easy, delicious and quick


  • 300g of small potatoes/papas
  • About 3 handfuls of big salt
  • water


  • Clean carefully the skin of the potatoes, don’t peal them
  • In a large pan, put the potatoes and water until it covers the potatoes, not more
  • add about 2 big handful of big salt, don’t be scared. The potatoes won’t be salty inside
  • Cook for arround 18mn until the potatoes are cooked and water evaporated. If the potatoes are already cooked but some water is left, remove it.
  • Bring back the potatoes on the fire, add 1 handful of salt and keep moving the potatoes by moving/shaking the pan with your hands every minute until the potatoes goes white
  • Eat with mojo that you can find in shops or do it yourself, it’s easy.