Coconut macarons


Who said that coconut macarons can’t be red! Friday I did some macarons to bring to France as macarons are very rich in sugar and my mum needs to put on weight since she is still in treatment for a disease that I will not name but rather shame!

I won’t put the recipe on these one as there were not very cosmetically successful, except the color that I really loved. They were of course amazingly tasty but they couldn’t go on the runway of stylish food 😉

Macarons with a sad ending… :-(

macarons_ - 2

It all started well, with the intention to prepare 42 vanilla macarons for my colleagues tomorrow who are coming from all over Europe for a week of training.

But before I tell you the end, you can see the picture at the bottom. Total disaster, total sadness. Gutted. Whilst taking pictures I dropped the macarons on the floor and the cristal stand broke in pieces. I had to throw everything away! I only have 8 left that were not fitting in the stand. I’m so pissed off, all of this for my blog pictures and because I can’t think right…. Anyway, the original recipe of the macarons was from Mad about Macarons! and the vanilla inside from the one I used previously.

3hrs in my kitchen having fun making all of these macarons for a terrible ending 😦 Couldn’t spend an other 3hrs and didn’t have enough sugar so I’ll bring nothing tomorrow but a story and a picture…


Macarons cheese azul, mascarpone and bacon


macaron-mascarpone-roquefort-gregousfood - 3

For the Macarons recipe:
(coming soon)
For the filling:
Cheese azul
Cajou nuts
Salts, pepper
Balsamoc vinagre
White wine
In your kitchenaid put together the cheeses, nuts well reduced in powder, salt and pepper. Mix until the texture is soft.
In a pan, fry the bacon, when almost done and before it burns, add a spoon of vinegar (balsamic or raspberry), stir and then mix it in a food processor. Then add to the cheese. Reserve in the fridge for 2hrs and then fill in your macarons with a spoon.

macaron-mascarpone-roquefort-gregousfood - 1macaron-mascarpone-roquefort-gregousfood - 2

My macarons from Mars

I still have to practice more on the shape lol. As for the taste, it was delicious. In did the French meringue but next time I’ll use the Italian way. The feeling was very simple: Philadelphia cheese, vanilla sugar and a bit of fresh lemon juice.

So I got myself a good reference book for the next time from Christophe Felder because with such a shape I really was in a bad bad day 🙂

macarons-frommars-gregousfood - 1macarons-frommars-gregousfood - 2