New look!!

A brand new look for Gregous Food. Today live from Barcelona, you can have a look at the new blog.

A better way to see the recipes overview without having to scroll for pages

Still a few things to sort out but it’s already online and can be viewed. Don’t hesitate to send feedback. I hope you will like it!


Today in my kitchen #1: The salt

Today in my kitchen, a series of a few photos from my kitchen to discover the only place where I would prefer to stay instead of going to work for example 🙂

° T H E    S A L T °

  • Sepia (Cuttlefish) black ink salt from the island of Minorca, Spain
  • Himalaya pink salt
  • Gingembre & Citronelle salt from Ibiza, Spain
  • Wild garlic salt
  • Maldon salt, United Kingdom
  • Chili salt from Dumfriesshire, Scotland
  • Seaweed salt from Dumfriesshire, Scotland
  • Last picture is a pepper mill handcraft made by my dad from diverse precious wood – you can see what he does here

I also have standard salt obviously, low sodium salt and coarse salt which are not showing on the picture

Also we should not eat too much salt and it will take my years to use all of them, I like to add the right salt to my dishes. It can help gets some additional flavour if you use it with care, it can be necessary for some cooking process or tricks while baking.

Below a few pictures of them, you’ll recognise some them easily.

salt - 2 (1) salt - 2 salt - 3




  • Pepper mill on the pictures is useful to break the coarse salt. Handcraft made by my dad (in south of France) from diverse precious wood – you can see what he does here

Wood fired outside pizza oven

This weekend I went to my dad for his birthday in the south of France and also to take pictures of all his wood handcraft creation to build a webpage for him. I’ll post it here soon.

My dad built this big wood fired oven from clay and other materials to cook bread and all sort of food. Quite a technique to have it at the right temperature, but once warm it can stay warm over 12hrs so you can bake many many thing in a raw.

This weekend we baked the apple tatin tart, it was delicious but as the oven was still a bit too warm we almost burned it hehe


New blog layout

I used to have my blog on Tumblr that I really love for the simplicity, great template and smooth use but for commenting and following it wasn’t that great. So I had to make a choice between blogger and wordpress. I decided on the last one as it’s a dynamic platforms very widely used, even though i’m frustrated already by some limitation that they put to have paying users…Anyway let’s see how it goes.

Brunch with Elwira from Comfydays

Brunch with Elwira from Comfydays ( – At the end we were only 2 so we didn’t do too many things.

You’ll find the Banana bread on the blog from Comfydays, really amazing. Loved it

We also did a carrot bread, unfortunately my baking tray was a bit too thick so it didn’t cook properly but it’s nice too.

Then we had scrambled eggs with Feta, tomatoes and spring onions. Lovely also.

20150510_142505 20150510_142431