Macarons with a sad ending… :-(

macarons_ - 2

It all started well, with the intention to prepare 42 vanilla macarons for my colleagues tomorrow who are coming from all over Europe for a week of training.

But before I tell you the end, you can see the picture at the bottom. Total disaster, total sadness. Gutted. Whilst taking pictures I dropped the macarons on the floor and the cristal stand broke in pieces. I had to throw everything away! I only have 8 left that were not fitting in the stand. I’m so pissed off, all of this for my blog pictures and because I can’t think right…. Anyway, the original recipe of the macarons was from Mad about Macarons! and the vanilla inside from the one I used previously.

3hrs in my kitchen having fun making all of these macarons for a terrible ending 😦 Couldn’t spend an other 3hrs and didn’t have enough sugar so I’ll bring nothing tomorrow but a story and a picture…


Author: GregousFood

French boy living in Spain and passionate about cooking and eating good food.

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