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Paella Valenciana of my mother in law

  • Flat green beans
  • Garlic
  • Tomato frito
  • Flat white beans
  • Chicken & Rabbit
  • Arroz bomba
  • Paprika

Prepare the fire in the barbecue and make sure it’s strong

Start cutting the flat green beans by removing the 2 extremes and put aside

Cut a bit from the white beans (this will allow them to not get dry)

Start frying the chicken and rabbit on the fire in a bit of olive oil

While it cooks, cut the garlic in the tin of tomato frito

When the meat is cooked, add the green beans and tomato

Stir on the fire and then add the paprika and salt

Add water in the Paella (you can rinse the pan where you cooked the meat inside)

Let boil for 30mn and add the rice in the shape of a cross and make it disappear by doing some movement under the rice with a spoon

Cook until water is gone and rice cooked.

Put aside of the fire and let 5mn to rest before putting it on the table.

Decorate with fresh lemons and eat from the Paella directly by putting it on the center of the table


Author: GregousFood

French boy living in Spain and passionate about cooking and eating good food.

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